2012 Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival

40th Adirondack Balloon Festival
The 2012 40th Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival

We practice in Upstate New York, and a few years ago, one of our legal consultants and a client were in the office, along with myself, when all of the sudden we looked out the window to see a colorful sight.

With one of our central law offices located right in Lake George, NY, every year at about this time, I now love to take a break from things like speeding tickets, divorces and DWI issues, and run down to the festival to catch a glimpse of the hot air balloons fluttering by The Offices of Carbone & Carbone LLP. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it before, it really is an impressive yet peaceful sight, and a great way for me personally to take a break of all the legal hoopla.

Have you ever attended the popular upstate New York balloon festival in Glens Falls? If you haven’t, get your head out of the clouds. You are really missing a treat.

This Thursday, the wonderful & fantastic 40th Adirondack Balloon Festival lifts off at 5 p.m. with opening ceremonies in Crandall Park of Glens falls. The entire festival will be held at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in the Warren County town of Queensbury from Friday through Sunday.

birthday cake hot air balloon
You will see a birthday cake hot air balloon in this year’s festival

Something that really marks this festival as being different is, this year, 2012, it will be featuring the launch of a brand new theme balloon; a fully functional hot air balloon birthday cake.

Hot air balloon enthusiasts should expect to see the birthday cake balloon along with over 100 different balloons participating in this uplifting four-day event. Organizers say that this year’s festival wil also be including 13 other special shaped hot air balloons.

So if you have time this weekend, stop by the Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in Queensbury from Friday through Sunday, and things will be looking up.

Lake George NY LawyerLast year, an American man, a Russian man, and an Australian man were all up in a hot-air balloon together. After a few minutes, the Russian man put his hand down through the clouds. “Aaah!” he said. “We’re right over my

“How can you tell?” asked the American.

“I can feel the cold air,” he replied, simply.

A few hours later the Australian man put his hand through the clouds. “Aah, Now we’re right over my homeland,” he said.

“How do you know that?” asked the Russian.

“I can feel the heat of the desert.”

Several more hours later the American reached down and put his hand through the clouds. “Aah, we are almost back home to Upstate. Right now, we are flying right over New York.”

The Russian and the Australian were amazed. “How do you know all of that?” they exclaimed.

The American pulled his hand up. “My watch is missing.”