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Reviews From Our Clients

(518) 283-1245 and (518) 668-3711 are the numbers to reach the Lawyers at Over the years, we have received many kind words of thanks from a number of people we have represented. Below are a few that we have collected for recommendation reasons that should give you an idea of the quality different services that we provide.

Carbone & Carbone LLP handles a wide variety of cases. We pride ourselves on spending the extra time needed to follow through on each and every case for our customers, while paying attention to fine detail.

Here are some reviews and recommendations from some of our various clients:

“Carbone Lawyers really helped my parents out with their estate. I highly recommend them!” – Jack P. ‎

“Marty Carbone has been a great legal help to me on many different fronts including estate planning, traffic court and divorce. In my opinion, he goes above and beyond the line of duty.” – DJ Kenny Casanova ( –

“Not that we really needed one, but Carbone & Carbone helped me with my prenup (prenuptial agreement). It feels great to have piece of mind. Thanks Marty!” – Maria Vavrina ( – )

“Thanks again for the help with the lease! Super job!” – Scott W.

“Dear Marty Carbone. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you once again. You really helped my son out with a DWI charge that was unfounded. Thanks Marty!” – Marion R.

“This firm does a great job with real estate, issues, as well.” – Charles D.

“Great job once again with the speeding ticket!” – Jeff S.

“Carbone & Carbone actually helped me with a copyright issue. I recommend them without hesitation to anyone. They really work with you to educate you, as well as provide you with a quality service. Bravo!” – Chris R.

“Thanks for helping my mom and dad out with their will and estate! You guys rock!” – Kathy Bechand (

“Great work seeing through with the eviction. The wife and I feel much more safe now, because of your prompt help.” – Ken Bevan ( – )

“We, unfortunately, had a problem with our dog and the way he was handled. Marty stepped up and told us exactly how it was going to go. He was very kind and helped us to see justice for us and our dog. In the end, everything was good.” – Ronnie S.