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Athens NY Lawyer
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AFFORDABLE SERVICES: As you know, there was a major motion picture shot right in Athens. As some people of Athens also know, sometimes battling a legal issue can feel just like a War of The Worlds. If you want an affordable attorney to fight your legal problem, one who has local court relationships and a home court advantage, we may be just the alternative that you need.

LOCAL REPRESENTATION: Our lawyers have experience helping clients in Athens Station, Hollister Lake, Lime Street, Middle Ground Flats, Sleepy Hollow Lake, West Athens, Route 28, Hudson River, NY 385, Vernon and Market Sts, Brick Row Historic District, Hudson/Athens Lighthouse, Stranahan-DelVecchio House, or over by The Orchards, and just over by The Albertus Van Loon House.

If you live anywhere near the sites that Steven Spielberg shot part of War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise and were not killed by the onslaught of the alien invasion, we want to help you in battle. Carbone & Carbone LLP will fight your legal battles no matter how big or what the intergalactic ramifications may be.

OUR MOTTO: Carbone & Carbone gives everyone on the planet (specifically in Athens) the three I’s of law practice; Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence. We have served the Capital District & The Catskills for over 35 years. We go above and beyond to take on your toughest adversaries, always acting in your best interest. (I bet even Tom Cruise would agree that we might be a good match for you.)

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Athens NY Lawyer
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