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Our Case Studies

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Legal Services
Don’t Ignore a Seatbelt Ticket
What to DO, when you want to SUE. (Part 2)
Criminal Lawyer Brunswick NY
What to DO, when you SUE. (Part 1)
How to select a criminal lawyer
Trademarks 101 – Getting yours in Albany NY
You are never too young to have a will
Adding a Codicil to your Will
Before it’s Too Late, consider a LifeEstate
Un-Pleading Guilty to a Traffic Ticket
How to File for Custody in Family Court
Managing Marital Property
Legal Protection for Business: Why an LLC is the Way to Be
Where there’s a Will, There’s a Way
The Snowball Effect – Take care of that little legal issue, now.
The Probate Process
Why do you need an attorney for the purchase or sale of Real Property?
The Foolishness of Frivolous Lawsuits
Filing a Mechanic’s Lien – Collect payment for labor owed to you.

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