Chasing Charlie Sheen

What can be said about Charlie Sheen that hasn’t already been dissected in the press as of late? The man seemingly has nine lives and by the looks of things he may be closing in on number 8.

In terms of a legal standpoint, Martin Sheen’s baby boy has caused quite a stir. As of this writing, his hit CBS show, Two and a Half Men has been shut down and put on indefinite hiatus. This is due to Sheen’s current stint in rehab and the show’s future is uncertain at this point.

One would think, on a technical standpoint, Sheen must be violating all sorts of terms within his CBS contract. Not knowing the specific terms and particulars, it can’t be said for certain that he is, but the mere fact that he is not working due to his own faulty actions would suggest breach.

While Two and a Half men is on unplanned hiatus, there are countless workers that are out of a job, such as the shows writers, film crew, cameramen, etc. This is due to the “questionable” actions of one man. If this situation were to happen in the “real world,” said individual would be sued by not only his employer, but also by those individuals in which are negatively affected by said breaching actions.

Again, technically speaking, I would bet my bottom dollar that CBS has every right to fire Charlie Sheen for his latest bout of indiscretions, but they won’t. His fellow cast and crew could no doubt bring a legal cause of action against Mr. Sheen, but again, they won’t. The reason they won’t is sad but simple. It all comes down to money. Two and a Half Men brings in an insane amount of revenue for not only the CBS network, but also in syndication, which is where the real money is at. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

If CBS were to take any sort of legal action against ol’ Charlie, they would no doubt have standing, but in doing so, they would be shooting themselves in the foot.

So although it may seem as if Charlie Sheen has 9 lives when it comes to show business, his career, much like his character in the 1980’s classic film Red Dawn, would have died had it not been for the surprise success of Two and a Half Men. Had it not been for this show, I would have bet all the money on Wall Street that the only recent role offered to Charlie Sheen would have been on Celebrity Rehab.

Of course, as the great Dennis Miller would say, That’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.