Drug Possession

Drug possession lawyer
Drug possession lawyer

Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug possession is a common charge that people of many walks of life experience. Although drug possession can be viewed by some as a less serious offense than dealing, it is still very serious.  Sentences can include years in prison, lofty fines at thousands of dollars, and even probation sentences.

Consequences of having a criminal record related to drug crimes can include being denied career opportunities, higher interest rates on loans or denial of loans and other means of discrimination in your local community.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Under state law practiced in Upstate NY, hard drugs such as cocaine/crack and heroin have harsher penalties than drugs like as marijuana. With proper representation, first time offenders can be offered alternative sentencing in a rehabilitation facility in lieu of one of the formal charges listed above. This can often be a good solution, as these alternative punishments can keep charges off of your permanent record.

Narcotics possession also means facing potential federal drug charges, in which case the risks are greater, the prosecution is tougher. Either way, your best bet is to contact an experienced lawyer who can help.

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