Campus Crime Lawyer

Campus Crime Lawyer
Campus Crime Lawyer

Campus Crime Lawyer

College is a time of growth and experimentation before a student’s future career. Even though college students are considered adults as they are over the age of 18, not all of them are fully matured and ready for the independence and freedom that college affords. Often, some students make mistakes and are not ready for the real world and can act out in a childish-like manner in some unfortunate situations.

A criminal convictions for campus crime can really hurt the future of a college student.  A criminal conviction on your record will severely hamper your ability to land a job after graduation and may even result in your suspension or expulsion from your university.


Campus crimes often include underage drinking and other alcohol-related offenses. However, the means in which police officers make arrests without probable cause and bully-tactics can get these charges dismissed. Illegal searches of a fraternity or sorority house for any illegal activities is just one means to get a charge dropped, and it happens all the time. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers know how to dismiss charges.

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