Disorderly conduct (violation)

Affordable Criminal Law Attorney in Albany, NY
Affordable Criminal Law Attorney in Albany, NY

Your Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

If you have been charged with Disorderly Conduct (P.L. § 240.20), then contact a New York Criminal Law Attorney at Carbone & Carbone as soon as possible. Without a proper defense, you may end up being convicted in court.

As a violation, a disorderly conduct conviction may not appear to be a big deal. That is, until you are sentenced to jail time or community service that totally impacts your work, family and social life in a negative manner.

A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk when someone:

  • Engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior; or
  • Makes unreasonable noise; or
  • Uses abusive or obscene language, or makes an obscene gesture; or
  • Disturbs any lawful assembly or meeting of persons without lawful authority,  or
  • Obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic; or
  • Congregates with other persons in a public place and refuses to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse; or
  • Creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose.

Disorderly conduct is not to be taken lightly. It can be punishable by the court by a sentence of up to 15 days in jail and is considered an offense under the penal law. Call us today at 518-283-1245