Getting Tickets for Talking and Texting

Albany NY Lawyers
Driving while on your cell phone is a 2 point penalty in New York State.

Recently New York State passed new legislation within the vehicle and traffic law that makes talking on a cell phone while driving a point penalty on one’s license. Previously in 2001, NY passed a law making said action a violation and with it came a fine of up to $100. This made headlines because at the time, NY was the first state to finally crack down and impose such a penalty.

Now, approximately 12 years later, NY has amended the law to include a 5 point penalty along with a fine. No longer is getting a ticket for talking on your latest and greatest cell phone a mere financial nuisance. Now, with the implementation of the points penalty, such behavior can have an adverse effect on ones insurance premiums along with their overall driving record.

Another “hot topic” in vehicle traffic law is texting while driving. This action seems to be more prevalent in this new age of the smart phone boom. However, NY recently passed a law making texting while driving a 5 point penalty along with a steeper fine. This little known fact does not seem to prevent the masses from doing so because more and more text related accidents are being reported, as odd as that sounds.

Texting while driving is a 2 point penalty in New York

Personally, I see people chatting away on their phones while driving all the time and I am amazed due to the fact that it has been over 10 years since the law against doing so was passed.

Bottom line, avoid talking and texting while driving. Not only will you open yourself up to all sorts of legal trouble, but more importantly, one imposes great physical risk to themselves and others when doing so.