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AFFORDABLE LEGAL SERVICES: If you are in legal trouble and are looking for an affordable attorney with local town court relationships to handle your case stationed not too far away from, say, East Greenville, Route 26, Freehold, Gayhead, Greenville Center, Newrys, Norton Hill, O’Hara’s Corner, Place Corners, Result, Sanfords Corner, Surprise, West Greenville, or Route 81, then our law offices of Carbone & Carbone LLP can provide you with what you need. Our splendid winning formula of fine detail services at cost-effective rates has led us to bring great success for our clients.

OUR LEGAL SERVICES: We at Carbone & Carbone provide a great deal of legal services for many different cases including; Speeding Tickets, Wills, Criminal Law, Divorce, Family & Matrimonial Law, all Vehicle & Traffic matters, Traffic tickets, and DWI / DUI, Real Property, Trusts & Estates,

OUR MOTTO: The Law Offices of Carbone & Carbone give everyone of our customers in Greenville our three I’s of law practice; Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence. We have served the Capital District and Adirondacks, and even Greenville for over 35 years. It is safe to say that we can help.

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