How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Ways to avoid getting a ticket for speeding

How to Avoid Speeding Ticket Fines in Upstate NY

1. Know your surroundings. Make sure you are not driving excessively through a school or work zone. Points are assessed double in such zoned areas so be sure to stay odometer-alert when passing through.


2. Don’t assume the “Within 10 Miles an Hour Rule.” This mythical unwritten rule can come back to haunt those who take faith in it. Many people are under the wrongful assumption that the police will not pull a driver over if they are speeding within 10 miles over the posted limit. This is simply not the case so be careful and try to keep that needle as close as possible to what the signs say.

3. Keep your car in good working order. Make sure both headlights are functioning and that all tail and brake lights are working. Also, make sure that all windows are within the legal tint limit. Nothing infuriates a police officer more than a car with tint that is too dark and violates NY’s rules against such cosmetics. Cops often look for little things such as a broken tail light and expired registration in order to issue a ticket to the poor unsuspecting driver. Be proactive and be sure to keep your car registered, inspected and in all around tip top shape.

4. Don’t give a police officer attitude if they pull you over. Again, nothing makes a cop more likely to issue a ticket than a mouthy, obnoxious driver. Simply ask the officer why they pulled you over and remain calm, cool, and collected. You still may receive a ticket, but by remaining civil, the officer is less likely to issue further penalties and fines.

5. Go with the flow of traffic. Don’t insist on being the rabbit of the pack. Simply remain in check with the surrounding vehicles and all will remain status quo.