How to File for Custody in Family Court

How to file for Custody in NY Family Court
Dealing with a family court matter can be one of the most stressful experiences a person may face. More than any other court, family court involves all sorts of emotions stemming from a plethora of different angles. When faced with a family court issue such as custody, neglect or family offense, the first thing one must do is be aware that they themselves may file at any time within the applicable family court.

For those who are not familiar with the family court process, fear not. Most clerks at the family court level are very much aware that most people are filing for the first time and that their stress level may be at an all time high.

The family court clerk will provide you with the appropriate paperwork, free of charge and with the needed guidance that goes along with it. They can not give you legal advice, but in terms of what to fill out and how to go about doing so is what they are there for.

Most family court petitions provided by the clerk are fill in the blank style so don’t worry if you are not up on your legalese. Once the applicable petition is filled out, someone from the court will notarize your signature and file accordingly. From there, a court date will be assigned to your case. If at any time after you file a petition and wish to seek legal counsel, one has every right to do so. The petitions filed can always be amended and modified so don’t worry if something is filed in error.

Family court matters can be an emotional roller coaster. However, do not let the initial filing of papers hinder you in fighting for what you believe is in the beat interest of yourself and your children.