2013 Increased NY Cellphone Fines

Cellphone sse fines have increased from 3 to 5 points
Cellphone sse fines have increased from 3 to 5 points in NY State

UPSTATE NY CELLPHONE FINE INCREASE — Currently, police are heavily out on the lookout for drivers texting and talking behind the wheel. Just in time for the summer vacation driving season, not only will the price of gas cost you more on the road, but so can using that cellphone.

POINT INCREASE In June 2013, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the number of points that a motorist can get on a license for improperly using a cellphone in the car is going up from 3 to 5. Cuomo said he was increasing the point penalty administratively, through an administrative order to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
At five points, cellphone use is now on par with violations like reckless driving. An offender can now actually have his/her driving license suspended if they receive 11 points in an 18-month period. Illegal texting carries a $150 maximum fine plus $85 in fees, while cellphone use has a maximum fine of $100 plus the $85 fee, according the DMV website.


Two charges could now cost you your license
Two charges could now cost you your license in NY


The governor also is proposing a bill to increase penalties for younger drivers who use cellphones or other devices. Under his plan, probationary license holders get a 60-day suspension. Additional convictions would draw a six-month suspension. Earlier in the week, senators passed a measure that would prohibit even hands-free cellphones by drivers who are on learner’s permits.



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