Lake George NY Speeding Ticket

lake george speeding ticket
If you see a Warren County Police Car in your mirror anytime soon, give Carbone & Carbone LLP a call.

Call (518) 668-3711, if you recently were pulled over in Lake George, NY for a speeding ticket. We at Carbone & Carbone LLP can help.

Maybe you were driving home from a great shopping day at The Lake George Outlets, a cruise or two on The Mini Ha Ha & Mohican, or maybe after a a family trip to Great Escape Six Flags Park. Then, all of the sudden, you see a red blinking light behind you.

First off, take a breath and relax. Even though it hits you hard, you aren’t the first this has happened to. This happens to drivers everyday. Some of them only end up paying a small fee, or a slap on the wrist. Other people end up with quite the opposite outcome. We can make things better.

LOCAL LEGAL HELP: Being stationed not even 2 minutes from “The Million Dollar Beach,” we have a good deal of experience with handeling speeding ticket cases in Lake George, New York. By choosing an attorney from the area with a good working relationship with the court, we could be able to help you save money on fines, as well as money on your insurance in the long run.

lake george ny speeding ticket
We are can help you reduce your Lake George NY speeding ticket

OUR GOAL: We provide all speeding ticket cases with our three I’s of law practice; Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence.

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