NY Speeding Ticket Fines

NY Speeding Fines
NY Speeding Fines

New York Speeding Fines

Want to know what a speeding ticket may cost you, here in NY State? If you’re concerned about NY speeding ticket fines, look no more. Carbone & Carbone LLP can help. Our lawyers have local court relationships that allow us to reduce fines on NY speeding tickets and also help with points and protect your insurance rates.

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In New York City and many other states, the fine appears on a speeding ticket. But for most of New York State, fines are not on the ticket. If you were pulled over while driving from out of state, you may be surprised how expensive it actually can be. The judge decides the fine when the case is resolved and quite often, there is an additional court fee that usually starts around $75. NY speeding fines have ranges based on how fast the driver was going before being pulled over.

Here are some examples, for people with clean NY driving records are below:

Speed* Fine Range** NY DMV Points
1-10 mph over limit $145-235 3
11-20 over $175-385 4
21-30 over $175-385 + 300 6
31-40 over $265-685 + 450 8
41+ over $265-685 + 675 11

* For regular speeds. Fines are higher in some situations, such as work zone speeds, school zone speeds and repeat offenses.
** Fine includes court surcharge of $85. Surcharge is $5 less in city courts. These are accurate as of July 2009, but the state keeps raising fines and surcharges.

For the higher speeds, the NY DMV tacks on the “Drivers Responsibility Assessment.” This is for getting six points or more within 18 months. It’s $300 for the first 6 points, and $75/point for each additional point.

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