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This area can be very stressful to the client as well as his or her family. We at Carbone & Carbone LLP try to ease the situation by speaking candidly to the client as to his or her particular situation and hopefully gain the clients complete trust so as to be better able to represent them in these matters which include:

Prenuptial Agreements & Separation Agreements

Our family law attorneys will help you write a prenuptial agreements & Separation Agreements that will protect your financial interests. If you consult with a family attorney before you enter into marriage or upon separation, you can be sure that you will have a properly written prenuptial agreement that will make clear the financial expectations in the unfortunate case of divorce.

Child Custody &  Child Support

Our family law legal service can negotiate a custody agreement during a divorce and win you the legal right to make decisions regarding your child’s upbringing, education and welfare in general. Whether settling child custody during a divorce agreement or not, a child custody lawyer get you the guardianship custody arrangement you want.

Our child support lawyers can also calculate monies owed in child support, negotiate an agreement, or go to court to gain the financial provisions that you as a custodial parent are deserved.


A well-qualified divorce lawyer from Carbone & Carbone will be important in deciding child custody, child support, alimony, and the settling of assets during your divorce. Our divorce attorney will mediate with your spouse’s and make arrangements in both financial and inside all pertinent family matters.

Below is a list of counties we deal with extensively, building court relationships to foster success.

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