Beating Speeding Tickets in Clifton Park NY Court

Twin BridgesGetting Speeding Tickets in Clifton Park NY Court

Clifton Park, NY is one of the most heavily traveled upon areas in the Capital District. Its area stretches from Exits 8 through 12 on I87, AKA the Northway.

While the speed limit is mostly 65 mph on the vast majority of the Northway, it slows down to 55 mph a mile or so past the Twin Bridges going south, right near the border between Albany and Saratoga counties.

This is where most people, even life long residents of the area, forget about the sudden speed decrease and unsuspectingly get pulled over by the police for speeding. Even if one is keeping with the flow of traffic, the boys in blue won’t have any sympathy.

So in order to avoid getting stopped for speeding on your way home or going in to work, be cautious around the Twin Bridges and give the brake an extra pump or two just for good measure.

If stopped and issued a speeding ticket, or any type of traffic violation, don’t hastily plead guilty. Feel free to give our office a call for a free consultation.

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