Speeding Tickets in Halfmoon NY Court

Halfmoon NYGetting a Speeding Ticket in Halfmoon NY Town Court

The town of Halfmoon NY is a very confusing place when it comes to not only knowing where exactly the town borders are, but also as to what the appropriate speed limits are when driving.

Halfmoon borders the towns of Malta, Clifton Park and the city of Mechanicville. More often than not, while driving through said areas, especially within the town of Halfmoon, the speed limits fluctuate, seemingly out of nowhere.

One can be driving on Route 146 and the speed will drop to 45 from 55 and before your realize it, the all too familiar midnight blue New York State Police car is flashing its lights and pulling you over.

To avoid getting a traffic ticket, its best to drive with caution and not be in too much of a hurry trying to beat the mad rush to Clifton Park Center (The former Clifton Country Mall) or any of the other popular shopping destinations in the Clifton Park/Halfmoon/Malta area such as Toys R Us, Kohls, Target and the famous Clifton Park Country Drive In.