Speeding Tickets in Wilton NY Court


The Northway, I87, is the gateway to the Adirondacks. With the weather just starting to rise out of the depths of deep freeze, it is important to remember to drive safely and responsibly when traveling up and down said Northway, especially around Exits 15 and 16. These exits are the portal to both the legendary Saratoga Springs historic area and Wilton, which is home to the Wilton Mall and host of other shopping strips.

One must be cautious when driving around these areas, as the police not only have barracks just off Exit 16, but the “boys in blue” often set up shop in hopes of catching unsuspecting speeders and other roadway renegades.

If pulled over, it is wise to be polite and respectful to the powers that be. An attitude will only make their pens move faster when writing up a ticket.

If you receive a speeding ticket, or any traffic violation for that matter, please feel free to call our office for a free consultation. Know your rights and options before you blindly plead guilty, or worse yet, forget about the ticket entirely and expose yourself to even more legal woes.

We love The Great Escape, Saratoga Race Track, SPAC, and the Wilton Mall just as much as the next person. Just don’t get too excited in getting there and put yourself at risk for a traffic infraction.

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