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[caption id="attachment_1612" align="alignleft" width="300"] Your Local Duanesburg NY Lawyer Alternative.[/caption] (518)283-1245. Affordable Duanesburg, NY Lawyer. Speeding tickets, DWI / DUI, Criminal Law, Realty, Trusts, Estates, Wills, Divorce, Family & Matrimonial Law AFFORDABLE LEGAL SERVICES: If you are looking for an affordable attorney to handle your case stationed not too far away from maybe The Duanesburg Skydiving school or the Duanesburg Community Center, Carbone & Carbone LLP bring to the table just what you need; quality local representation. Our winning formula of fine detail services at cost-effective rates has led us to bring great success for our clients. OUR LEGAL SERVICES: We provide a great array of legal cases including; Speeding Tickets, Wills, Criminal Law, Divorce, Family & Matrimonial Law, all Vehicle & Traffic matters, Traffic tickets, and DWI / DUI,…
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