Winning for Charlie Sheen?

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  [caption id="attachment_513" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Charlie Sheen plans on winning. Coming in second is not an option."][/caption] After appearances on the Today Show and Howard Stern’s nationally syndicated radio program on Sirius Radio, Charlie Sheen's legal team is gearing up to make even more headlines. He is about to take on CBS and Warner Brothers. Sheen says he has Tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA. What does this mean? We don’t know… But we think it means he is not going to go out without a fight and CBS is going to be looking at a legal battle. Late last week, CBS and Warner Bros. announced that they were canceling the highly rated TV show, due to Charlie Sheen's condition, and behavior associated with negative statements about the show’s producer Chuck…
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Howard Stern Has A Sirius Lawsuit

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Howard Stern may have a valid lawsuit with his current employer. After signing a new 5 year contract a few months ago worth approximately just shy of $1 Billion, the shock jock is gearing up to sue Sirius XM. While the pending suit gets under way, Stern continues to work for Sirius XM satellite radio, broadcasting his morning radio show every Monday through Thursday. Not much is really known regarding the particulars of the law suit at this time but as with most things, it all boils down to money. When Howard signed his first deal with Sirius back in October 2004, one of the perks of said deal was that Stern was promised certain stock options if the company met certain quotas in terms of subscribers. It has been…
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