Taking a Defensive Driving Course

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Taking a Defensice Driving Course

We’ve all heard of a Defensive Driving Course, but exactly what does such a course entail? Most often people enroll in said course because they received a traffic violation and have acquired a few points on their license.

By enrolling and completing a Defensive Driving Course, an individual can have up to 4 points removed off their license at a given time. If you receive a 2-point violation, the course will eradicate said points. However, you can’t “bank” the other two and have future points retro actively removed.

In New York, taking a Defensive Driving Course for point reduction is allowed once every 18 months. The course does not remove the actual violation for your driving record, but it does remove the points. Having points on a driver’s license will often make insurance rates go up. Therefore, it is best to have them removed or reduced whenever possible.

Another benefit of taking a Defensive Drive Course is receiving a 10 percent discount on car insurance. Even if one has a flawless driving record, they may enroll in a Defensive Driving Course and upon completion, receive said discount.

A typical Defensive Driving Course lasts for 2 days, approximately 5 hours each day. There is no written exam. The topics that are discussed include maintaining proper speed, signaling, seat belt use, vehicle maintenance, and over all driver awareness.

So if you or someone you know received points on their license and wish to get their record “cleaned” up, taking a Defensive Driving Course is the way to go. Plus, the 10 percent discount on car insurance is always an added bonus.

To find out where courses are offered in your area, contact any local DMV and they will point you in the right direction. Also, check the web, as certain places are offering online-based courses and seminars.
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