The Law of Steve Jobs

With the passing of the incomparable Steve Jobs, one cannot come across a tech article or blog without the mention of his name. With that being said, it is arguable that without Steve Jobs, we would have no blogs to even read. Steve Jobs without a doubt had a significant influence on countless people’s lives in terms of technology.

While that may be a mere understatement, what some do not realize is that Steve Jobs in some way, shape or form changed how we as a society function in terms of business across countless platforms. Jobs made computers “cool.” His intent was to implement them into our daily lives, for the average person, not for the select “computer literates” that at one time, were very few and far between.

Steve Jobs’ influence has been very apparent in the legal world in recent years. The iPad, for example, has only been around for less than two years, but numerous attorneys routinely bring them into the court room, replacing voluminous files and dates books. At one time, paper calendar organizers were a staples item for any busy lawyer. Since the advent of smartphones, specifically the now iconic iPhone, even some of the most “old school” attorneys have ditched their paper planners in favor of their always up to date and synced iPhone.

Steve Job’s influence in technology has also been felt in the realm of legal research. More and more law firms are ditching their trusted voluminous legal books, treatises, and journals for online materials. While Jobs did not invent the internet or computers themselves, he had and continues to have an integral impact as to how we use said resources in our everyday lives.

Steve Jobs, simply put, made computers and technology hip, cool, and fun. He made a once complicated venture user friendly and allowed the masses to enjoy what previously only those in NASA could cope and understand. Jobs paved the way for modern computer icons such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Shawn Fanning and Biz Stone. It is arguable that the whole social media revolution would have been brought to the forefront had it not been for Steve Jobs paving the way.

Lawyers, in my opinion, are greatly indebted to Steve Jobs for providing such devices such as the iPad and iPhone, which now serve as a “mobile office” for many attorneys working in the trenches. Steve Jobs, indirectly, did something that very few thought was possible. He made lawyers cool.