The Laws of Thanksgiving – 10 things to think about for your Thanksgiving Day Dinner Party

1. Cranberry sauce is better served straight from the can. It’s even better when it maintains its original cylinder-like shape.

2. Do not fill up on bread, cream cheese filled celery sticks, chips & dip, or other “appetite killers” prior to the main event meal of turkey.

3. Do not ask what ingredients are in the homemade stuffing. You do not want to know.

4. It’s better to have extra mashed potatoes and not need them, than to need extra mashed potatoes and not have them.

5. If you are over the age of 25 and still at the kid’s table, it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate a few things in life.

6. Wear comfortable pants, preferably something with an elastic waste. Leave the fashion show for Christmas Eve.

7.  Avoid soda. Carbonation is not kind to one’s turkey and gravy intake.

8. Bring some sort of board game to play with the extended family. This is a fantastic alternative to being forced to watch the Detroit Lions game with Uncle Hank and Cousin Randy.

9. If guests wear out their welcome, use Black Friday as a fail safe and tell them you need to go to bed early in order to capitalize on all the “door busters.”

10. If desert choices become a bit overwhelming, go with the pumpkin pie. One usually can’t go wrong with that.