The Snowball Effect – Take care of that little legal issue, now.

Much like the recent abundance of snowfall, things in life can pile up pretty fast. Sometimes things come upon us so fast, it can be quite overwhelming on the mind, body, and soul.

In the realm of the legal world, things can definitely “snowball” if one does not take proper precautions.

Take traffic law for example. More often than not, when someone gets what is at the time, a minor traffic infraction, they will put it off to the last minute in dealing with it and the matter soon escalates into something more serious. By ignoring something as minor and routine as a simple speeding ticket can transform into a misdemeanor in the blink of an eye. If one were to get pulled over again, having not dealt with the speeding ticket prior,they can be charged with an “AUO” which is aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, which is a misdemeanor. To lawfully take care of this situation will now cost you more time and money because it is a much greater offence. If, however, one didn’t wait for things to “snowball,” the issue could have been dealt with in a much easier and less stressful manner.

Things often snowball in the realm of estate planning as well. Here, people often do not take the time to plan for their future and in doing so, they leave themselves and loved ones in a difficult situation if and when things go wrong. For example, a lot of people put off drafting a Will because they feel they are either too young or that it is too morbid of a subject breach at the present time. If tragedy were to strike, however, a whole “blizzard” of negative repercussions could manifest at an alarming rate. One’s personal assets could divest to someone other than those in which they were intended. Also, guardianship of children could pass to an individual that was not the first choice of the now deceased or incapacitated parent.

Another area where people become overwhelmed by waiting until the 11th hour is within the wonder world of tax and finances. Waiting until April 14 to start preparing one’s taxes usually brings about catastrophic results, both mentally and financially.

By being proactive and thinking round circle, one will only benefit themselves not only in litigation but in life as a whole. I know it has been hard to avoid the snow this miserable winter, but with regard to your legal trials and tribulations, stay out of the cold and avoid the snowball effect.

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