Winning for Charlie Sheen?


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Charlie Sheen plans on winning. Coming in second is not an option.

After appearances on the Today Show and Howard Stern’s nationally syndicated radio program on Sirius Radio, Charlie Sheen’s legal team is gearing up to make even more headlines. He is about to take on CBS and Warner Brothers.

Sheen says he has Tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA. What does this mean? We don’t know… But we think it means he is not going to go out without a fight and CBS is going to be looking at a legal battle.

Late last week, CBS and Warner Bros. announced that they were canceling the highly rated TV show, due to Charlie Sheen’s condition, and behavior associated with negative statements about the show’s producer Chuck Lorre. Whether this cancelation violates Sheen’s agreement with the said companies, remains to be seen.

The actor’s lawyers have contacted both CBS and Warner Bros. demanding that Sheen’s television contract be honored. This means for that the highest paid actor to date at 2 million dollars an episode would be compensated for the eight canceled episodes of Two and a Half Men.

Sheen is not playing around. He already pictures himself, “Winning,” and he has the means to do so exponentially. The Two And A Half Men star has enlisted one of the top Hollywood attorneys to represent him in this legal battle. Entertainment Lawyer Marty Singer contacted the network and production company on Monday, Feb 28, 2011, to inform them that they were in deed violating their interpretation of Sheen’s contract by canceling the remaining episodes. This means a severance pay of 16 million dollars in payment is due in full, not to mention residuals and other perks.

 Lake George LawyersWhat are the legal ramifications? Does the contract really allow firing when you say something unsavory about the boss? Singer states that, “This action is outrageous and in direct violation of our client’s legal rights.” Charlie Sheen’s lawyer is arguing that the episodes were in deed canceled not because of Sheen’s condition but rather as a vindictive retaliation from the producer for comments made off the record about him. Singer states that this is going to be a very expensive way to pamper Lorre, so he can save face.

Sheen’s lawyer states that the companies involved will fully be, “accountable for the compensation owed on his contract and to hold Warner Bros. and CBS fully accountable for all of the consequences of their actions.”

Is “winning” in Sheen’s future? We will have to wait and see.