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[caption id="attachment_1221" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Call Carbone & Carbone LLP for a free consultation."][/caption] Legal Representation for Property, Child Custody & Alimony Issues DIVORCE LAWYER NEEDS - In this difficult time, you need good experience, quality and a good client service ethic, contact our Amsterdam law offices for a personal and confidential consultation with a reputable, seasoned divorce litigator. Carbone & Carbone has over 30 years of matrimonial law and divorce experience, right in the greater Amsterdam area. Amsterdam lawyers Carbone & Carbone LLP have the legal knowledge, practical experience, and essential negotiating skills necessary to protect our client's every interest across the board, handling the full spectrum of concerns that apply when standing in a courtroom of divorce. WHY CHOOSE CARBONE? Choosing the right lawyer is a difficult and stressful…
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